We design, develop and implement automation and control systems and solutions

Pioneers. With over four decades of experience and thousands of projects completed across all five continents, WETRON automation technology pioneered the development of electronic boxes with integrated PLC for EMS trolleys.

Leaders Since then, we have led the way in developing, manufacturing and supplying automation and control solutions for intralogistics, automated lines and production processes in multiple sectors of industry.

We design, automate, control and monitor. Through constant cooperation with our clients, we engineer projects to automate, control and monitor lines and facilities as per your requirements, helping increase the productivity and reliability of your processes.

Planning and anticipating drive us at every phase of the project. As providers of integrated solutions, we develop the engineering and manufacture and assemble the equipment and machines in our shops. In the client’s plant, we install everything and start it up, and we monitor production until the turnkey facility is delivered within the quality and timeline requirements specified.

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