WETRON de México S.A. de C.V. was founded as an independent subsidiary in 2007. It is located in the city of Toluca.

Continuing growth

Ever since, WETRON Mexico has been growing constantly, working on projects and carrying out installations for different clients and industrial sectors.

We have our own workshops, a design engineering and programming/scheduling department, project coordination engineers and electrical and mechanical installation teams, a staff of 35 professionals in all.
We also have a support office in Puebla.

We are your automation and control provider all over Mexico

Today, WETRON is involved in the field of specialized engineering for turnkey installations for the automation and control of industrial processes. We are among the most important suppliers of electrified monorail systems for the automobile industry and for the logistics industry in general.

In addition to car manufacturers, our main clients include the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Ingeniería y desarrollo de proyectos de automatización industrial: diseño eléctrico, planificación y dimensionado detalladosMost of the projects requested by our clients are turnkey projects.
In this case, WETRON automation technology handles the hardware and software planning. After this phase, we coordinate, oversee and develop the software applications required: PLC, Scada, PC and robot.
In our workshop we build the electrical enclosures, boxes and panels needed for the installation.
We adapt to our client’s production timelines and assemble the product onsite and then start-up the installation. We then train and provide product support to the client’s staff, delivering the documentation in the formats requested. If the client wants, we can also maintain the installation.

Planificación de harware y software en proyectos llave en mano para automatizar y controlar procesos industrialesAt WETRON automation technology, we study, plan and size the hardware and software for the projects we undertake.
Our services include electrical design using standard programs in the industry: E-Plan and AutoCAD. We can also write the documentation in multiple languages if required.
Finally, we carefully plan the execution of the project.

In our workshops we make and assemble the various mechanical units needed for each project.

• Special welding tools and devices.
• Industrial conveyors: roller tables, rotating tables, vertical scissor lifts, transfer carts, hoists, EMS trolleys for overhead monorails, accumulating pallet conveyors, belt conveyors
• Structure, steel parts and ventilation systems.

Desarrollo de software para todo tipo de aplicaciones: PLCs, interfaces, supervisión y control, comunicación industrial, robots industriales, lenguajes de alto nivel.Our programmers, who have ample experience on several projects, develop software in the following areas:

• Programming PLCs from various brands: (Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Phoenix Contact, Omron, Schneider);
• Custom applications in high-level languages (Pascal, Visual Basic, C++, etc.);
• Human-machine interfaces: (Siemens, Panel-View, Esa, Pro-Face);
• Supervisory, control and management systems: (FactoryTalk, Intouch, Win CC, etc.);
• Industrial communications networks: (Profisafe, Profinet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Profibus, etc.);
• Programming of industrial robots: (ABB, KUKA, FANUC, etc.).

fabricación en talleres propios de armarios eléctricos de control con PLC, para integración de PCs, displays de producciónIn our shops we assemble 100% of the enclosures for our projects. This lets us reduce delivery times and ensure quality.

• PLC enclosures;
• Enclosures for integrating PCs.
• Operator panels (HMI), control panels;
• Power distribution panels;
• Production displays, synoptic displays.

personal expermientado y coordinado para el cableado y montaje eléctrico en la instalación del cliente
We have mechanical personnel with extensive experience installing the mechanical equipment necessary in our clients’ factories.
– Installation of structures and conveyor systems.
– Installation of robots and tools for welding, handling materials and painting.
– Installation of ventilation lines and ducts.

personal expermientado y coordinado para el cableado y montaje eléctrico en la instalación del clienteOur electrical installation teams, coordinated by supervisors with comprehensive experience in many industries, install the wiring and other components in the client’s plant:

• Movement of control panels;
• Conveyor belts;
• Robotic lines for welding, lifting, assembling, gluing;
• Lines for painting, waxing, pressing;
• Lighting, air conditioning;
• Logistics warehouses.

instalaciones de automatización y control: pruebas y puesta en marcha para un funcionamiento sin problemasThe start-up of the installation is the last phase of a turnkey project. Our team of highly experienced professionals ensures a fast and trouble-free start up.

This final phase of the project involves the following tasks:
• Signal testing and configuration of PLC hardware.
• Off-line loading and configuration of the PLC software.
• Manual functional testing, and then automatic testing.
• Final operational testing during production.
Once the installation is verified to be working correctly and continuously, and the project specifications are satisfied, the client accepts the installation.

formación y apoyo a la producción en las instalaciones de automatización industrialAt WETRON, we vow to provide full support for all of the technology we implement. In keeping with this pledge, we offer training for operators and maintenance personnel at the client’s facilities.
We do not believe our relationship ends with our clients after the start up and delivery of the installation. As part of a lasting relationship, if our client requests it, we will monitor and carry out the preventive maintenance during the service life, providing advice and suggesting updates and improvements.

componentes Wetron: mandos inteligentes para automotres, electrónica para la automatización de electrovíasWETRON has been a pioneer in developing electronic boxes with integrated PLCs for EMS trolleys since the 1970s. Ever since, it has led the way in developing, manufacturing and supplying products:

• Smart WTS automotive controls with integrated PLC with or without frequency converter;
• Control electronics to automate monorails (MFA, MEFAS, TB4, VCO/FBS).

In our electronics laboratory, we implement new solutions and provide after-sales service for WETRON components.

logística: líneas de transporte y manutención para automatizar el flujo de piezas a los procesos de fabricaciónTransportation and conveyor belts to automate the flow of pieces during the different manufacturing processes. With hundreds of kilometers installed, WETRON automation technology has broad experience in automating overhead and floor conveyor systems:

Monorail lines (EMS/EHB)
Power & Free conveyors
Chain-based P&F systems
Skid conveyors.
Belt and roller conveyors.
Skillet conveyors
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

soluciones para integradores de centros logísticos y almacenes: transelecavores,transportadores, electrovías,AGVs, paternosterWe work in concert with leading system integrators for logistics centers and warehouses in the textile, food, pharmaceutical and other sectors, undertaking projects involving different technologies:

Warehouse stacker cranes and mini-loads.
Floor roller and belt conveyors for pallets and boxes.
Overhead and floor monorails for transporting pallets.
Logistics chains automated via AGVs.
Vertical and horizontal carousels (Paternoster)
Smart “pick to light”, “pick to voice”, “pick to vision” shelves

automatización de celdas y líneas de robots: soldadura, clinchado, aplicación de adhesivos y sellantes, ensamblaje y unión de componentes y piezas, manipulación, robots colaborativos

We automate robotic cells and lines for different applications in various industries:

Spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, clinching and other lines.
Robots to apply adhesives, resins, sealants, etc.
Robotic cells to combine subassemblies, install glass, etc.
Lines to join bodywork and chassis (marriage, Fahrwerk)
Robots to handle materials and palletization of parts or boxes.
Applications with collaborative robots.

automatización de tratamiento de superficies: lavado, fosfatación, catafóresis, imprimación, pinturas, impermeabilización con ceras, hornos de secado y tratamiento térmico

We carry out projects to automate surface treatment lines for the main providers of these types of solutions:

Pre-treatment lines: washing, phosphating (TTS), electrophoretic deposition (EPD), etc.
Lines to apply primer, paint, lacquer, etc.
Drying ovens and heat treatment of parts.
Installations for the application of sealing waxes.

proyectos de automatización de infraestructuras de fábrica: distribución de potencia, monitorización de consumos, redes, iluminción eficiente, climatización con ScadaWe carry out projects to install and control various systems in factories:

Low-voltage distribution systems, energy monitoring.
Communications and fiber optic networks.
Efficient lighting systems controlled via Dali/KNX.
SCADA-controlled HVAC installations.
Systems for controlling water treatment systems, osmosis, pumping, etc.
Energy savings by installing frequency converters in HVAC and pumping systems; regenerative drives for lifting systems.

informática industrial: monitorización del control de producción, verificación con visión artificial, identificación y trazabilidad del atornillado automático y de piezas y componentesWe support our clients’ Engineering and Maintenance Depts. by offering:

Integration of automatic fastening systems, Bosch-Rexroth, Atlas-Copco, Cleco, Desoutter, etc.
Management of systems to trace tightening results for QC purposes.
Barcode or RFID systems to identify and trace parts and control production.
Retrofitting of automation and control installations. PLC migration.
Control application to assure quality, position, measurement, identification using artificial vision systems.
Monitoring: production control rooms, screens and video walls to display production and maintenance data.

The electrical hardware planner is responsible for planning, coordinating, preparing and supervising electrical projects involving the installation of automated conveyor systems (monorails, skids, roller tables, P&F, etc.) and robotic lines, primarily for the automotive industry, all in strict compliance with the technical documentation provided by the client and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Ideal background
• Experience in the automotive industry and knowledge of its standards (VW Group & NISSAN).
• Experience and ability to plan projects to install automated systems based on client specifications.
• Ability to coordinate and supervise the assigned work team.
• Technical ability to size the equipment (cables, protective elements) and to select and quantify the required enclosures and other work components.
• Comprehensive knowledge of design tools (EPLAN P8 and AUTOCAD 2010).
• Results and objectives oriented (your own and those of the team assigned), hours and deadlines.
• Languages: medium/high level of English, German desirable.
• Education: Degree in Industrial or Electronics Engineering, Automation, or similar.

In conjunction with the Planner, the Electrical Designer makes a detailed drawing of the electrical systems for the automated assembly line projects (primarily for the automotive industry, materials handling, logistics and robotic cells) that conform to the client’s technical specifications and to regulations.

Ideal background
• Interest in the automotive industry and knowledge of its standards (VW Group & NISSAN)
• Specific training in software for designing electrical systems (EPLAN and AUTOCAD).
• Results-oriented.
• Education: Degree in Industrial or Electronics Engineering, Automation, or similar.
• Languages: medium/high level of English, German desirable.

The PLC programmer is responsible for all the programming and start-up associated with a project: PLCs, HMI displays and industrial network configuration so that the installation provides all of the features required by the project.

Ideal profile
• Education: Vocational training in Automation and Robotics or similar;
• Experience in industrial automation (programming of Siemens, Rockwell PLCs), preferably in the automotive industry;
• Knowledge of industrial networks (Profisafe, Profinet, Ethernet), Scada control systems (WinCC, FactoryTalk), drives (SEW, Rockwell, ABB).
• Knowledge of electronics: reading electrical diagrams and troubleshooting.
• A knowledge of programming standards in the automotive industry is a plus (VW Group, Nissan).
• Experience in high-stress environments, meeting goals and deadlines.
• Languages: medium/high level of English, German desirable.

The Site Manager (SM) coordinates, supervises and carries out the wiring, installation and connection of electrical enclosures and starts up the installation at the client’s site.
The SM is responsible for supervising the work of installation operators and/or of subcontractors. The SM also oversees safety aspects and enforces related regulations during the work.
The SM is responsible for the quality of the work and cooperates closely with the client to finish the work on time.

Ideal profile
• Solid knowledge of electronics. Must know applicable regulations to be able to manage work at the site.
• Ideal education: Vocational training in Electronics and Automation or similar;
• Experience leading work teams in industrial settings;
• Knowledge of electrical standards in the automotive industry.

The Project Manager (PM) bears overall responsibility for the design, planning, execution and start-up of the projects that WETRON undertakes. The PM prepares offers based on technical documentation supplied by the client, leads the project team (programmers, planners, site managers) and resolves problems with clients.

Ideal profile
• Experience in managing industrial process automation projects;
• Solid knowledge of electronics and industrial programming/scheduling;
• Preferred education: Degree in Electronics, Industrial or Automation Engineering or similar;
• Knowledge of electrical standards in the automotive industry.
• Languages: medium/high level of English, German desirable.

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